Introducing our new Loyalty Card Scheme!

You asked and we listened….introducing our new Loyalty Card Scheme for our lovely loyal customers!

To reward you for your loyalty we are now offering your 10th session FREE (see Terms and Conditions below).

A few of you have asked about prepaying for your sessions, which will save you remembering to bring cash or your card to your appointment. We can now offer you this facility – just contact us for more information.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Loyalty Cards will have an expiry date which will be added at your first session. All sessions will need to be completed before the expiry date in order to be eligible for the FREE 10th session.
  • The expiry date will not be extended unless you receive further information or something in writing to confirm this. It can include instances such as a lockdown or when we have been unable to operate (i.e. when the salon is closed). In this instance you will be notified via text or email of your new extended expiry date.
  • Your FREE session can be used any time after the expiry date, but has to be utilised before you obtain a new loyalty card.
  • It is your responsibility to look after your card – if you misplace it then unfortunately you forfeit the previously marked sessions and will need to start a new card. The only time we will honour previous lost sessions if you have prepaid in advance and we can work out how many sessions have taken place since you paid. This is done at our discretion.
  • Please select “pay at venue” if booking online if you have already prepaid in bulk. Do not accidentally pay online if you have paid the bulk sessions as that will cause admin issues and will take time to process the refund. Please note we cannot offer cash refunds in place of accidental online payments – refunds will be made back to the form of payment originally received.
  • We trust you all to use the cards exactly as intended. We may also keep an electronic record of appointments for our information.
  • This list in not exhaustive but is intended to protect both the salon and the customer. These Terms and Conditions may change at any time so it is your responsibility to keep checking back for any changes.

Please contact us by email or text for further information.

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