Waxing FAQ’s

All your waxing questions answered…

When it comes to waxing, some people know a lot, some a little, and some nothing at all. And of course, there are plenty of things that are misunderstood about waxing. To set the record straight, here are the answered to all the must-know, frequently asked questions about waxing:

How long should my hair be when I go for a wax?

Ideally, hair should be at least half an inch long before waxing. Any shorter and the wax won’t have enough hair to grip to, which can be both sore and ineffective!

How long will my legs stay smooth?

This will depend from person to person but usually around two weeks of no hair is the norm, with regrowth time of 4-6 weeks. Regrowth time may be a little shorter after your first wax but should lengthen after your second or third.

Can I keep my undies on during a bikini wax?

No, for the simple reason that it will get in the way and we can’t give an effective waxing treatment if we can’t access the whole area.

How should I prepare for my waxing treatment?

We recommend exfoliating the area beforehand – go for the day before to allow your skin to recover. Remember you can exfoliate the intimate areas to bring out the ingrown hair – just be gentle and stop if the skin becomes irritated. Other than that, simply ensure that the area in question is clean and hygienic.

How should I care for my skin after waxing?

We suggest that, for at least 24 – 48 hours after waxing, you avoid perfumed creams, sunbathing, swimming, and tight clothes. Excess heat, such as in saunas or hot yoga sessions should also be avoided. Your skin needs time to recover and these things will only irritate it.

How long does a waxing session take?

Including your consultation, a session can very on the amount and type of treatments required. Of course, if you’re having more than one part of your body waxed, it may take longer. Approximate times are given under ‘Our Services’ tab.

How often will I need to get waxed?

Most people find that the ideal frequency for waxing is every four weeks initially, changing to every four to six weeks after regrowth slows down.

Should I trim before my appointment?

No, because there’s a risk you may cut the hair too short. If it requires trimming before treatment, we can do that for you.

Will the hair grow back differently?

Possibly, yes. If it does, it will only grow back weaker, finer, and sparser, which can only be a good thing!

Can I get waxed whilst I’m on my period?

Yes, you can. As long as everything is clean and you’re using a tampon, that’s fine. All we ask is that you let us know at the start of your session. That said, be aware that your skin may be sensitive during your period, so you may find the wax a little more painful than usual.

Can I get a bikini wax if I have an infection, such as an STI or UTI?

No, unfortunately not. In order to avoid spreading of infection, we cannot wax you if you have an STI, and UTIs can be further irritated by the waxing process. Please notify your therapist prior to your appointment so you can rearrange until the infection has cleared.

Will I bruise or bleed during waxing?

You may notice a tiny bit of blood spotting during waxing – especially your first wax after shaving (as the hair is thicker and coarser so may tug on the skin), but this should not continue, and bruising should not happen – just remember to help the therapist by stretching the skin. It can be avoided by staying in the advised position and staying still.

Is the process hygienic?

Absolutely! We use fresh materials for every treatment, and use a new spatula for each client and everything is kept sterile using Barbicide. For the intimate wax there is no double-dipping to keep everything hygienic.

Can my reaction to waxing be affected by my medication?

Yes, it can be. Please ask us when making your appointment and we can advise on whether or not waxing is suitable.

Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can. Please let us know though, as your skin is more sensitive due to dilated blood vessels so some extra steps need to be taken.


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