Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us and it’s time to get yourself groomed and photo ready for the big day! Whether you have several functions to attend or just the reception, make sure that you are well prepared, so that you can relax and enjoy the party!

Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or even a friend/relative, you may be wondering when is the best time to get all your treatments done and how it may affect your skin, so take a look at some common questions I’m asked regularly, and hopefully it’ll put your mind at ease and give you a better idea of when to plan your appointments.

How soon before the wedding day should you get a wax and why?

If you have never waxed the area before, try and get an appointment closer to the big day because your hair will have become used to other hair removal methods such as shaving, which results in uneven growth until it adapts to the waxing cycle. If you have waxed before, two to three days before the big day is ideal. Also, if you’re going to have a trial wax, I would recommend doing so 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding day. This allows you time to rehydrate your skin for a more effective wax and will result in a longer period of smooth skin.

How should you prepare your skin before waxing?

Always grow your hair as much as you can before your appointment. I usually advise 4-6 weeks worth of hair growth. I know it’s not easy but if it’s too short, the wax may not effectively attach to the hair and will result in patchy hair removal and you won’t have the desired effect.

Always exfoliate the areas you’re having waxed. It’s important to buff away dead skin cells to avoid clogged pores and ingrown hair. Your last deep exfoliation should be at least two days before the wax treatment, however you can lightly exfoliate the night before or early morning on the day of your appointment.


Always moisturise your skin properly until the day before the wax to keep the area hydrated. So many times I get clients with very dry skin and when the wax is removed it can sometimes tug on the dry skin causing discomfort to the client. Keeping your skin hydrated is important – even if you don’t expose those areas.


When is the best time to have a facial before the wedding?

Ideally,  you would treat yourself every 4-6 weeks in the lead up to the big day to get your skin accustomed to having a deep cleanse (and let’s face it, with everything that you will encounter in the weeks and months before, you could probably do with a facial just to de-stress and pamper yourself!). This will also allow you to discover how well your skin responds to this type of treatment and whether it’s benefiting you at all. If you find that you keep having a breakout or your skin is too sensitive (even with a sensitive cleanse) then its best to avoid anything closer to the big day.

If you just want to pamper and prep your skin for the big day then have a facial at least a week before, or if you know how your skin reacts and are happy for leaving it a bit closer to the day then 3-4 days is still advised as it gives a chance for your skin to settle and bring out the glow following the removal of all the dead skin cells.

Generally it is not advised to have a facial a day before the event or even on the same day, as it’s a massive risk to take for an area that will be on show so prominently – even if you will be wearing makeup.

When is the best time to get a Manicure/Pedicure before the wedding?

This is something which you can leave very much to the last minute. The last thing you want to deal with is having chipped nail varnish–or worse, lose a false nail in the process! The last few days are generally quite busy so you don’t want to have to worry about damaging your nails by having them done too early. Also, having the risk of requiring a second appointment to rectify your nails (such as infills for gel nails) would also be stressful, so to avoid all this keep the nails appointment to a day or two before the event.


Finally, remember these golden rules below and fingers crossed all will go to plan before the big day!

  1. Get your final treatments done at the right time. No experimenting, just stick to what you know – the risk is sometimes not worth it.


  1. Remember to eat right – if you’re healthy on the inside, it’ll show on the outside.


  1. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin as and when required. You will notice a difference if you stop doing both so always stick to a good skincare routine.


  1. Drink plenty of water to help keep your skin clear, hydrated and glowing.


  1. Confirm your beauty appointments in advance– avoid the risk of finding out that your appointments have not been booked in correctly, as that’s unnecessary stress you could do without!


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